Exploring the Five Orders: Benders

The fifth and final order we will explore in this series is the order of Benders. In every society, including magical ones, there need to be the makers. The Benders fill this role within the Stonebearer Society by creating and adapting items both magical and non-magical.

Photo by Linus Nylund on Unsplash

Magic users who end up being Benders tend to be a little strange. Part of this stems from the intense focus required to manipulate items on such a detailed level. The other part is that this talent can also disrupt mental pathways, which makes it a potentially scarier power to use.

Bending in its simplest form means altering the shape of an object. A really bad example of this would be to change a spoon into a fork by shifting the existing material.

The next level of complexity is the ability to instill magical glyphs and symbols into objects containing motherstone to create charms and rods capable of performing difficult tasks. One example of this is the traveling post system that helps Stonebearers move through the world quickly.

More advanced Benders can change the nature of an object. As long as the right components are present, a Bender can change one thing into something else. They’ve been known to change coal to diamond, and pull gold from ore to help fund missions and pay those who aid the tower.

One practice is forbidden to Benders and that’s altering another’s mind. A master Bender with extreme skill can change memories, compel someone to perform a task, and manipulate emotions. This is the most complex application of the Bender’s skill and not all are capable of it.

The most notable Bender in Stonebearer’s Betrayal is Wrothe’s henchman, Surasio. His goal is to gain power and prestige by aligning himself with powerful forces and using his skills to make himself indispensable. However, his integrity and morals have been corrupted by a long life of hard experiences. He is easily swayed by those seeking to gain power through unscrupulous means.

Remember the smelly little dude on the Mummy (the good one, with Brendan Fraser)? Yeah, he’s totally Surasio.

If you missed the post talking about the overall structure of the Stonebearer Magic System, head over to the intro post which discusses all five and how they relate to each other.

If you love a great magic system, you’ll love Stonebearer’s Betrayal.

Update: In January 2020, Stonebearer’s Betrayal got a huge facelift. Click here to see the new cover!


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