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About Stonebearer’s Betrayal:

Rereleased in January 2020 under a new imprint, Stonebearer’s Betrayal is perfect for that strong girl in your life. It’s a coming-of-age story where Katira must find her inner strength and courage to succeed. There’s also a secret society of immortals who can use magic. Recommended for ages 12 and up due to PG violence, mild language, and some romantic longing.

The story:

At the very adult age of eighteen, Katira has her life figured out. She knows her place, understands her path, and is destined to be the best healer in the northern Panthara mountains, just like her mother.

That all changes when monsters from legends step into her real life, throw her world into chaos, and threaten to destroy both her and her family. To survive, she must accept that her world is far different from what she ever imagined and she must fight to protect what she loves.

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Newest Release!

Wings of Change Anthology

Tales of wise, ancient dragons hoarding treasure, terrorizing villages, and doing battle with noble heroes have long fascinated us. But dragons were not born old and wise, nor were heroes born brave and noble.Wings of Change gathers tales of young dragons growing into their scales and claws, and human youths making choices that shape their destinies – destinies that will be forever changed by their interaction with the dragons that share their world.

My story “Saffron Dragon” is about a blind Bangladeshi girl who discovers a dragon lives in her dreams. She must learn to both trust herself and the dragon to find her place in the world.

Wings of Change is available in both print and ebook on Amazon.