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About Stonebearer’s Betrayal:

Rereleased in January 2020 under a new imprint, Stonebearer’s Betrayal is perfect for that strong girl in your life. It’s a coming-of-age story where Katira must find her inner strength and courage to succeed. There’s also a secret society of immortals who can use magic. Recommended for ages 12 and up due to PG violence, mild language, and some romantic longing.

The story:

At the very adult age of eighteen, Katira has her life figured out. She knows her place, understands her path, and is destined to be the best healer in the northern Panthara mountains, just like her mother.

That all changes when monsters from legends step into her real life, throw her world into chaos, and threaten to destroy both her and her family. To survive, she must accept that her world is far different from what she ever imagined and she must fight to protect what she loves.

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Newest Release!

A Dragon & Her Girl (LTUE Benefit Anthology 2020)

An anthology of twenty fantasy adventure short stories featuring dragons and their girls.

  • “Foreword: The Dragonlady of Crandall House West” (essay) by Joe Monson
  • “A Game of Stakes” by Max Florschutz“
  • Dragon Soap” by M. K. Hutchins
  • “Li Na and the Dragon” by Scott R. Parkin
  • “High Noon at the Oasis” by Jaleta Clegg
  • “The Wild Ride” by Christopher Baxter
  • “Rising Star” by Michaelene Pendleton
  • “The Diamond-Spitting Knight” by S. E. Page
  • “Amélie’s Guardian” by Bryan Thomas Schmidt
  • “Aer’Vicus” by Jodi L. Milner
  • “Loyalties” by Josh Brown
  • “Ash and Blood” by Hannah Marie
  • “Therapy for a Dragon” by Sam Knight
  • “Taking Wing” by Julia H. West
  • “Lullaby” by John D. Payne
  • “Rain Like Diamonds” by Wendy Nikel
  • “Here by Choice” by Gerri Leen
  • “Dragon’s Hand” by David VonAllmen
  • “Take Out the Trash” by Melva Gifford
  • “Burying Treasure” by Alex Shvartsman
  • “Dragon in Distress” by Mercedes Lackey and Elisabeth Waters

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