Writing Tip: Eliminate Unnecessary Words

Today for Writing Wednesday we are outsourcing and checking out the writing tip about cutting unnecessary words over at Creative Talents Unleashed. Enjoy!

Raja's Insight

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We have discussed using too many long or uncommon words before. It can distract your readers from your message. This time, we will discuss using unnecessary words in your writing. If you can explain something in ten words instead of thirty, then it is often better to eliminate those twenty words that you do not need.

Many writers find it difficult to write very short pieces. You need to be able to describe something, tell a story and leave a message in a small number of words, which is a difficult skill to master. There are many ways to practice cutting down your word count and removing words that are merely there to fill space and have no real significance in your piece.

In poetry, you could try rewriting an old poem but cutting the word count in half, or if you want to practice in a specific form…

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