Magical Places: Bridge of Immortals, Huangshan, China


Huangshan, literally translated as “yellow mountains,” are an epic range of steep jagged granite peaks nestled in eastern China. It is one of China’s major tourist attractions and is often a subject of traditional Chinese paintings and literature, as well as modern photography.

It is not, however, for the faint of heart.  Many of the foot paths wander along high steep cliffs, and there is even a section that must be traversed by walking across narrow planks while gripping a chain anchored into the rock. But the pay out is worth it. The tops of the peaks look out over an amazing landscape above a sea of clouds.



It is rumored that James Cameron found his inspiration for the landscape in his movie Avatar from a visit to the Huangshan.

The Bridge of Immortals is the world’s highest bridge, putting visitors above the clouds. It leads to a cave carved deep into the rock. Part of the lore around the mountains is that the Yellow Emperor. Emperor Xuanyuan, the legendary founder of the Chinese nation and ancestor to the nationalities of the central plains, attained enlightenment there and became immortal.

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7 thoughts on “Magical Places: Bridge of Immortals, Huangshan, China

    • The height of Mount Tai where the Bridge of Immortals is located is recorded at 5029 feet, so I imagine the bridge is within a few hundred feet of that. Finding an exact height of the bridge itself on record has proved difficult.


      • According to most internet sources: The bridge at the maximum altitude (above sea level) is a Bailey bridge in Ladakh at 5,602 meters (18,379 ft). The highest bridge deck height (above what ever is underneath it) is widely given that of the Duge bridge at 565 metres (1,854 ft). Although spectacular looks like it is not the worlds highest altitude bridge. it could be the worlds highest bridge deck height. One quoted height gives it as 800 metres without any clearer specification.

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