TV Talk: Once Upon a Time


Because I write in speculative and fantasy it would seem like watching Once Upon a Time would be an obvious choice.  It is loaded with magic, which I love, and fairy tale characters, which I have a love/hate relationship with. However, the small snippets I have seen haven’t yet appealed to me mainly because it feels so much like a fantasy soap opera.

So, I’m giving it a try.

From what I’ve gathered so far there is a fairy tale world and the real human world. Neither of the world’s populations know of the other world’s existence except for the Evil Queen Regina and the naughty Rumpelstiltskin. The queen curses the people of the fairy tale world to live in the real world with no memories of their past.  They live in a small quiet community in Maine called Storyebrook.

There is one who can break the curse, the daughter of Snow White, Emma Smith, who managed to escape the curse by being sent to the real world as an infant before it happened. Her son, Henry has a book with the clues to help unlock the memories of the fairy tale characters.

Once_upon_a_time_season_three_castI haven’t watched more than the first episode so far but I can see lots of promise. There’s good storytelling and cool costuming and that’s enough for me to stick around a bit longer.


Are you a fan of Once Upon A Time? What is your favorite episode? Favorite Character?


Before I forget – the awesome folks at Xchyler Publishing have released a knock-your-socks-off trailer for this year’s fantasy anthology that features my story Breath. Check it out!

5 thoughts on “TV Talk: Once Upon a Time

  1. Whoa! Nice trailer! And top billing for you! Congrats!

    The first two seasons of OUAT are really good, but they lost me at season three. It got way too soapy and angsty and the Neverland plot should have been called the Never-gonna-end plot. It just dragged on way too long, IMO.


    • I had a lurking suspicion that it might do that. I’ll still watch a bit, just to say I did it justice. I’m super excited about the anthology, there are some amazing authors in there with me.


  2. Ahhh, OUAT. Definitely soapy, though my tastes seem disturbingly suited to those kinds of sagas, within certain parameters. I’ve found this past/current season to be somewhat lackluster, so far, but my love for Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold remains steadfast. I’m hoping the show picks up some sparkle again when it returns after its winter break. I do adore fairytale spins, and Once has done some clever things.


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