Christmas, Bring it on.

Now that we have thankfulled and gratefulled everything to it’s fullest, it’s time to bring on all the Christmas cheer.  Today we are setting up the tree and making gingerbread houses with the munchkins (and I’ve already been chewed out for being an OCD fun killing ogre…) Here’s to Christmas!

Gingerbread houses

The before picture, after pictures to follow

Hubby gets eaten by tree!

Work it good lookin’


Bring it on.

4 thoughts on “Christmas, Bring it on.

  1. Good Lookin’ looks like he’s being devoured by a demonic tree.

    Glad to see I’m not the only fun-killing ogre out there, although my fun killing manifests itself in other ways. Like when someone suggests we do something spontaneous that I didn’t account for in my plan (to be fair, I do try to build 15 minutes of open room into every day).

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    • Yeah – I kinda asked him to lean into the tree to make the picture more interesting. He’s a good guy.

      The gingerbread houses turned out fine in the end. Note to self – for younger kids make the houses the night before so the frosting has time to set before letting them start decorating. I believe my daughter personally licked each candy, cookie, and tube of frosting. Good thing we weren’t going to give these to the neighbors. Blech.


  2. A quick way to stick together the house walls – melt sugar in a pan, dip one end of the wall in the now liquid sugar and quickly stick it to other piece. Use a wide pan and be careful hot sugar burns. This is much more sturdy than using frosting to hold the pieces together. You can then use the frosting to cover the edges and place the candies in the wet frosting.


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