Charging the Creative Batteries at ANWA’s Time Out for Writers

I spent the last weekend enjoying the warm clear air in Arizona while attending the annual Time Out for Writers conference hosted by the American Night Writer’s Association (ANWA).  I had hoped to be able to write another installment of Mike Finnegan while traveling for last Friday’s post but instead spent my time madly polishing up my query letter and sample chapter to be ready for the workshops.

I received some great feedback from my readers at the workshops and can’t wait to sit down and make a few edits to clean up and clarify my material.  

Then, there were two full days of excellent classes covering everything from descriptive voice to how to write a thriller suspense novel.  I swear my head is so full right now, it just might explode.  There is so many good ideas and great information that I can use, now I have to decide what to apply first.

Most important of all, above the classes and workshops, are the new friends that I made. All are wonderful writers in all stages of the process of being published.  Some have several books out, some are just getting started, all are fabulous people that I can’t wait to see what happens next in their careers.

After being immersed in the writing world for a few days I’m finding it hard to be home again and to readjust back to the life of being a mom first, writer second.  As much as I’d love to dive right in and work on my manuscript for even an hour undisturbed, I simply can’t and it’s super frustrating.  

Here’s to hoping that Baby D takes a nap today!






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