Writers and fad diets don’t mix


I’m staring at a blank screen, it’s hard to think.  Images of sandwiches and pasta won’t leave me alone.  Writing an emotional scene between characters doesn’t really work when all I want them to do is sit down and enjoy a nice supper. Fantasy world food is always enticing, think of thick stews, juicy roasted meats, soft warm breads with fresh butter, and hand aged cheeses.

This is day two of attempting a three day detox diet and the only thing that I can think of is how much I want to just chew on something.  It’s odd really, I’m not that hungry.  I just want to chew.  This particular diet is three days of blender disasters. Kale, spinach, coconut oil, avocado, and an endless parade of fruit all get pulverized to a multihued sludge that reminds me of vomit.  It doesn’t taste that much better.

One of the sad truths of writing is that it’s a sedentary affair.  It requires lots of time in front of a screen thinking and for me, snacking.  Over the last few months I’ve amped up my writing goals and with it the pounds have started to sneak on.

Fad diets are not a solution to this problem, lifestyle changes are.  There are standing and treadmill desks to keep moving while laying down text.  There are the snacks we choose to munch on, choosing grapes instead of chocolate chips.  There are the other hobbies, I know many writers that are runners as well.  In the end it has to balance out.  

As for me, I’ll be so glad when this diet is over.

8 thoughts on “Writers and fad diets don’t mix

    • If I ever do it again, and I probably won’t, that would be a terrific idea. In the end I ended up cheating by eating a few of the shake elements instead of blending them.


      • I hear ya! I would much rather eat a salad . . . than drink it! Maybe the results will be worth it. A 3-day juice fast might be just the thing to jump-start a writer’s metabolism.


      • That’s what I was hoping, and I now feel mush more aware of what goes in my mouth. We’ll see how long that lasts. On a different note, I’m looking into how to convert my sitting desk to a standing one. Every little bit helps!


      • Good luck with that transformation. Several attorneys I worked with over the years had standing desks . . . they loved them.


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