Meet the Villain: Wrothe

No story is complete without a good villian. In my book, Stonebearer’s Betrayal, the immortal Jarand has got one heck of an enemy.  Not only is she beautiful, she is both cunning, deadly, and a little insane.  The powerful demoness Wrothe is bent on taking her revenge and will stop at nothing until get gets it.  In this world twelve demons haunt the land, causing trouble wherever they go.  One of the duties of the Stonebearers is to protect the public against them.  Wrothe is different from the other Demons, she targets immortals as her victims.  She craves their power and will stop at nothing to get it.


The face I’ve found that most closely matches my Wrothe is the fabulous Tarja Turunen best known for being the vocalist of the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish. She has now moved on to a solo career and is starting her Colours In the Dark World Tour in October of this year.  Unfortunantly, she won’t be hitting any US locations this round, maybe next time.

3 thoughts on “Meet the Villain: Wrothe

  1. What a great idea to introduce your characters in your blog. I’ve got to try that with my fiction book. What do I do when there’s a woman at work who I based one of my characters on? I can’t just put her photo up on my blog?! LOL
    Hey, blogging is also a great way to tell backstory, too. Yes?


    • This might be a case of using a different face for public use and hers for private use, you can still tell about the character this way. That or get her permission! She might be thrilled!


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