A Case of the Feels: Severus Snape

Every once in a while there is a character that has such depth, such surprising tenderness, that it catches you off guard. The Harry Potter universe is filled with people and creatures that have captured the imagination of this generation. It has become a household name.

There is one character that deserves more time in the sun than he has received, and that is Severus Snape. In the earlier half of the story we were led to believe that Snape was the enemy and in league with the Dark Lord himself.  However, as the story unfolded we started to see an entirely different person hiding beneath that tightly buttoned exterior.

And I love JK Rowling all the more for it.  It would have been so easy to keep Snape as a stereotypical villain, all bad and moody and foul. But no, she injects a passion and a humanity in his character with his love he had for Harry’s mother, Lily.  A passion that is carried over onto Harry himself after her murder. Suddenly, he becomes this conflicted and wonderful character with a huge depth of feeling that must be keep suppressed at all times.

Brilliant YouTuber Kcawseome13 created a montage of all of Snape’s key scenes in chronological order that perfectly demonstrates the true nature of his character. If you have 14 minutes, I recommend it.  Not only is it fascinating to watch, but it is created beautifully. Have a tissue handy!

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