Teaching the Next Generation

I had all the intentions of writing a new section of The Man in the Cupboard for this morning but then I got caught up in another project – preparing a mini class for my daughters kindergarten class.

Part of being a writer mom means doing my best to be the coolest mom out there for my kids. If I can do that using something I love, teaching about writing, then that’s a double bonus for me.

For the class I will be walking the students through the parts of a book which include, beginning, middle, end, conflict, resolution, character and setting.  As part of the class we will be making our own book using ideas from the class.  It’s fun to encourage the kids to think of silly ideas and then being able to create a finished product that they can keep.


Image courtesy of stockimages / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Here’s hoping it will go as planned!

2 thoughts on “Teaching the Next Generation

    • It turned out great, even Baby D behaved himself (except for the part when he decided to fill his diaper, bad timing) The kids had a great time making a book all by themselves and now it’s part of their classroom library.


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