Enter the Summer

bubble summerThis week marks the end of structured days of kids in school and the beginning of summer vacation.  For kids, this is a magical time of freedom, discovery, and lots of play.  For parents, this time comes with mixed emotions. There is no longer the pressure of the morning school rush and all its battles, but there are also whole long days of nothing on the calendar.

For me, I’m looking forward to the change.  There are so many fun things I want to do with my kids that were too complicated to manage during school.  Now is the time for swimming lessons, day camps, play dates, sleepovers, summer crafts, and lots of outside play.

At the same time I’m terrified.  I need structure.  The thought of having whole days with nothing on the calendar is very daunting.  My first instinct is to go a little crazy and create a mommy school where my kids can grow their minds and hone their skills.  There would be field trips where we would have in-depth discussions about science and art.  I would become super mom plus, and drive myself crazy planning and creating activities.

Then I realize, I also have a toddler who will make most of these plans really difficult.  Having one-on-one time with older children to focus on their needs is super important.  Doing it while wrestling a curious toddler is an exercise in patience.  Planning outings and activities is harder when nap schedules need to be considered.

This summer can’t all be about the kids either.  I have goals as well.  I would love to make some real headway on the current draft of my book.  To do so requires hours of work at the computer, undisturbed when possible.  There will be less of those with the kids home, yet I feel there should be more now that I don’t have to drive the taxi to school and back.  This might just be the summer that the kids learn that mommy needs time to work on her projects as well.

I wish I could say I have a brilliant plan about how this is all going to work.  With only a few days left I better start making one or the summer is going to slip away before we even get started!

To all those parents out there, good luck! May this summer vacation be the best one yet.

6 thoughts on “Enter the Summer

    • We do have a library that’s super close and every year we do the summer reading program as a family. That book looks terrific! I’ll have to look it up.


  1. I got some real good advice from a mother of six when my children were very small. Don’t plan anything and don’t join anything (like sports). By following that advice, we were in the moment always and whenever something came up we were able to take advantage of it–like library activities or crafts of the moment. Another thing we did every day, after all basic chores were done and naps were had, was go to the local pool. We waited until the crowd died down, about 3:30, then went (no sunburn at this time, too). We even ate dinner there and were joined by the children’s father. Leisure, leisure, leisure. It was so wonderful that even I pouted and moaned when school was ready to start again. I’ll be forever grateful to that sister who gave me that good advice. I’ve never regretted it.


    • That is terrific advice, I’ve never been one to like over-scheduling the day or the kids, not a whole lot or benefit in dragging them tired all over the place. We are planning on lots of pool time this summer, it’s always a favorite.


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