TV Talk: Super Bowl XLIX


Yesterday I did something I never imagined I’d do. Yes, yours truly attended a Super Bowl party for the first time.  It’s a weakness, I know, strictly unAmerican to some even, to have lived this long and not participated in the annual event that commemorates eating obscene amounts of junk food while watching what is essentially Gladiatorial combat. But the fact is, I’ve never been all that into sporting events of any flavor.  Blame it on the introvert in me.

Until yesterday, no one was able to convince me to leave the comfy bubble of my own little space to join in the madcap that is the Super Bowl. And I’ve never had a reason to either, hubby isn’t all that interested in sports either (which is yet another reason why we are so perfect for each other).

We choose our team to root for, the Seahawks, based mostly on proximity, we live closer to Seattle than New England, and also the pesky fact that the Patriots were accused of cheating.

We made a fabulous snack – a earth-shakingly good cookie bar that tastes like a twix, brought a store bought veggie tray, you know, to balance out the butter and caramel laden goodness of the cookie bar. We wore the closest we could get to team colors. We cheered on our team until they were defeated.

Those last 20 seconds were pretty nuts. I’m still mad that they decided to throw the ball instead of run it.

All in all, I think I’ll do it again!

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