Christmas Aftermath

It seems that every Christmas season is spent with weeks and weeks of anticipation working toward the big day and then only 24 hours in which to revel in it. Ours was no different.  The morning started early, our youngest (and least likely to stay in his room) woke up minutes before seven and despite the stern talk we had the night before about waiting until at least 7:30, Christmas started in earnest promptly at 7am.

After all thoroughly celebrated, the presents opened, the stockings ransacked, the chocolate nibbled, and forty-seven squabbles broken up; we were glad to call it a night.

Perhaps one of my favorite days of the year is the day after Christmas.  Good feelings are still lingering around, there are lots of goodies to snack on, and the kids are happy to play with their new toys, at least for a while. Yes, there is usually a mess or two to clean up, paper shreds and tinsel and bows hiding under the couch, and a stack of dishes in the sink. I don’t mind.

I have my own new toys to play with.

Here’s to hoping you and your’s have an equally pleasant day after Christmas.Day-After-Christmas

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