TV Talk: Warehouse 13

Lately I’ve been in a steampunk rut.  It might have something to do with being in close contact with a publisher that specializes in steampunk novels and short stories. It’s been on my mind and I’ve even come up with a few cool steampunk story ideas. One day, when time permits, I’ll give it a shot.

In my quest to learn more about the genre, I’ve been searching around and talking to friends that are already into it.  That is how I learned about Warehouse 13.

Cast of Warehouse 13

Cast of Warehouse 13

Last night I watched the pilot episode, and I’m impressed.  They’ve got cool steampunk tools, but instead of the typical Victorian setting, it’s very modern-day – which makes the tools look even cooler. Gadgets so far include the Farnsworth, a cellphone alternative that does video chat at the touch of a button; the Tesla gun, which shoots electric bursts, stunning it’s target; the cool warehouse wagon that can run on human electric currents; and also Artie’s cool steampunk computer set with a super awesome old-timey typewriter style keyboard.

The story itself has the feel of X-Files meets Indiana Jones.  Our main characters are two secret agents who were transferred to the mysterious and unfathomably massive Warehouse 13, affectionately referred to America’s attic on the show.  The warehouse holds all the strange and wonderful things created over the centuries that have unexplained or dangerous properties, to keep them safe from the public, and to keep the public safe from them.

There are the usual hijinks between the characters, the agents currently hate each other but my writer sense is tingling and I’m pretty sure they’ll hook up within the first season. Their goal is to recover items that have these strange powers, neutralize them, and bring them back to the warehouse.

There is also Artie, the curator of the warehouse and mission control for our secret agents.  He serves as the quirky comic relief and walking reference book for all the items contained in the warehouse.

You can check out Warehouse 13 on the Syfy channel or on their website.

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4 thoughts on “TV Talk: Warehouse 13

  1. Warehouse 13 is one of the last good shows Syfy has put out. I’m still waiting to see season 5–the season 4 cliffhanger was goosebumps-and-scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs thrilling! I think you’ll really like the whole shebang!


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