Magical Places: Hand of Harmony

Hand of Harmony

This is the Hand of Harmony rising from the beach at Homigot, Korea. Up on the shoreline there is the other hand making a matched set. The palms face each other symbolizing harmony and unity. The sea side hand marks the easternmost tip of Korea, also referred to as the tiger’s tail, and is said to be an obscure tourist trap, especially photographers.  Every year they have a huge New’s Years festival here and release thousands of balloons symbolizing the hope and dreams of the new year and serve ddeokguk (rice-cake soup) to the hungry masses.

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4 thoughts on “Magical Places: Hand of Harmony

  1. This is a very interesting picture. It looks like one of the effects out of a “Sinbad” or “Jason and the Argonauts.” Movies. Interesting history!


    • My first thought is that it was some movie prop, but the further I looked into it the more I found. Makes me think of the magical devices used in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.


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