Happy Father’s Day

Today we are celebrating two things at the blog – my 100th post and Father’s day.  While the 100th post is a great milestone to commemorate, today I’m going to focus on my dearest daddy.


This life has been a wild ride hasn’t it? You tried your best to make me ready for it, providing everything from music, dance, and sports lessons, to reading Dale Carnegie at us over the dinner table.  As much as I carried on then, it planted the seed to want to read it and many other books for myself later.

There are so many things that you’ve given me over the years.  You’ve always been an example of hard work, heading off in a shirt and tie everyday to a job that was at times stressful and unrewarding.  Between you and mom I’ve developed that drive to work as well.

We spent lots of time practicing music together, and some of my fondest memories with you are playing side by side in quartets and ensembles.  It is because of you that I still want to learn enough piano to accompany simple songs.  One day I will. I still have all those lessons tucked away, waiting to be used. When life eases up a bit I want to find a group to play with once again.

I remember driving along and you quizzing us on the names of trees and flowers, hawthorn, maple, tulip, Bougainvillea. You still lecture me on the proper way to plant a dahlia every year without fail. I just hope that you don’t check my flower bed too closely this year – two of your bulbs didn’t come up as hoped.

Last but not least you’ve given me the confidence to hold my head high and take charge when needs be. There were so many times when we traveled that you would find friends that you recognized from functions you organized or attended. One day, I would like to have friends around the world as well.

Love you forever Dad!



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