Embracing Imperfection

IMG_1526It’s always hard to start something new, even when it’s something I’ve done before.  My first author blog, My Literary Quest, is geared towards fellow writers. This blog is for everyone who enjoys the written word.  Whether old or new, there is that fear that whatever I write is not good enough.  The temptation to keep erasing and rewriting the first sentence over and over never fades, even when it comes time to post.

There are a rare few people who can write a perfect draft the first try, and I suspect they aren’t human.  Being human is being imperfect and I am reminded daily that I am far from perfect.  Nor would I wish to be.  Perfect is boring.  Steven Monaco said, ““Your imperfections are what make you perfect.”

So here I am, a bundle of imperfections trying to share stories that have to power to transport the reader to another place for a time.  Come join me.

7 thoughts on “Embracing Imperfection

  1. Reblogged this on My Literary Quest and commented:

    After much deliberation, I’ve started a blog geared towards those who appreciate the written word. This blog will also serve me better in my quest towards publication, since it will represent more of my literary style and less of an educational twist.

    So come, seekers of the written word, and get a taste of a different side of my writing.


  2. Yours was one of the first I ever followed, if not the first. I shall continue to welcome your thoughts and insights on the craft of writing and the art of literature.

    – E


    • One of my favorite mottos is “Progess, not Perfection.” Working towards the imaginary and, as you said, unnatural state of perfection, causes anxiety. However, a path of continual growth can bring great satisfaction. Thanks for coming by!


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