Fulfilling Promises

Awhile back I held an open mic where you were welcome to submit questions and I would ask them as honestly and candidly as possible.  In return I promised that I would feature these questions and answers in a new header for this blog and help each of you promote your blogs as well.  For those that did submit questions in the last round, I’d love to put a picture next to your question.  Send me a link and I’ll add one!

Today instead of a long-winded random post I’m fulfilling that promise.  If you look at the header there is a new tab called FAQs, go and check it out.

microphoneAlso, I will be answering questions in the comments today so feel free to send them in, I’ll do my best to answer quickly!

As promised before, those questions will be added to the FAQ page with a link to your blog or other social site – so you can consider this shameless self promotion.

Open Mic


Due to this week being a bit crazier than I expected, today’s post is what I’m calling an open mic. Everyone out there in cyberland is welcome to ask whatever questions they like down in the comments and I will do my best to answer honestly and promptly.  The best or most interesting questions will be used to start a FAQ page in the header of this blog.

That means shameless self promotion for anyone who asks a question. Woohoo!

Ready? Go!

Please be kind 🙂