My New Feathered Babies

IMG_3323In place of a fascinating post about fantasy or science fiction, here is a picture of my new feather babies.  I’ve always wanted to have a pet and because of allergies it hasn’t been an option. With chickens, they can stay outside, they are smart and loving, and in time they will give fresh eggs.  What could be better than that? My kids are head over heels in love with their chickies and each are in charge of one. My oldest named his buff orpington Nacho (after Notch in Minecraft, and, well, nachos.) My daughter named her black star Active Black, but then was talked into calling it Twila instead (like twilight – not sure the best way to spell that yet.) My youngest named his tiny Rhode Island red Poopy Butt, and was talked into Petey, but now wants it to be Umizoomi Pete. I’m sure it will change again. Mine is a silver wyandotte named Millie, which is secretly short for Maleficent.

Happy Easter Weekend to all!